Hello, I’m Kim! Welcome to The Real Golden Girl. I started this website as a way to connect, inspire and to be inspired by women all over the world. This is where I will share my love and passion for everything beautiful that adds fun and excitement to our lives. There will be fashion, home, travel, personal content and more.

I was born and raised in Chicago, and I guess I am a midwest girl at heart. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and will always love my hometown roots. I have lived in many states all over the country. I’m currently living in South Texas. I like to blend my midwest roots with everything southern and Texas that makes up my eclectic style!

For more information, check out my pages. If you wish to reach out or collaborate, please contact me. I hope you will wish to have The Real Golden Girl mailed to your inbox whenever there is a new post, its easy, just be sure to subscribe below. And, of course, you can keep up with me on social media as well.

Thank you for following along. Here’s to living our best lives at every age, at every size and at every budget!

All my best always,


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