My Kind of Town Chicago Is!

Every single time I fly into Chicago I feel so much excitement.  It’s like there is electricity in the air.  This town, my hometown, has so much to offer.  It is definitely “My kind of town!”  From the people, food, shopping, sports and beachfront it is a place like no other.  My friends from Texas just went for the first time in their lives and sent me a text that said “We just got to Chicago! OMG! I just have 2 questions for myself, why didn’t we get here sooner and why did I think I had to go to NY!!!  Chicago has everything!”  Well that text made my heart so happy! It’s exactly how I feel. Is it a perfect city, nope, are there problems, sure, lot’s of them but all in all it is just spectacular.

I mean, if you haven’t been to Wrigley and sat in the bleachers are you really a baseball fan?

The lakefront is what makes this city special!  I especially love Oak Street Beach!

And then there’s the shopping! From Southport to Michigan Avenue to Oak Street and everything in between there is something for everyone!  Whether window shopping or in the mood to have some real fun, Chicago has it all!


The people of Chicago love love love their summers (because winter can be pretty brutal!). So summer is my favorite time to visit. (The Thanksgiving through New Years time is pretty fabulous too! Chicago puts it on y’all!)  I hope you visit and have the best time.  There is soooooo much to do, see, eat and shop.  You can paddle board, kayak, take a boat cruise on the river or along Lake Michigan. You can dine high or low and both are the best.  Feel free to take in sports, ride a bike along the lake, visit museums, visit the botanical gardens, go to Lincoln Park Zoo and lots more.

Here are a few of my Chicago favorites:

Wrigley Field

Millennium Park

Portillos (Best Italian Beef and Hot Dogs! Live it up and get cheese and both peppers!)

D’Agostino’s Pizza and Pub Wrigleyville

The Art Institute of Chicago This museum is as wonderful as any I have seen in Europe  (check online for exhibits and free admission days) And its right next to The Bean at Millennium Park. Make a day of it.

Contact me if you want more fun ideas.  I have used Lyft and Uber while in the city as well at the L Train.  No need to rent a car. Happy Summer everyone!

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Why Trunk Club is Awesome!


Last week I had so much fun visiting Elena Cohn at Trunk Club Chicago. To experience this amazing service at Trunk Club Headquarters in Chicago was a dream come true! I wasn’t sure what to expect but Elena made it so easy to find the exact pieces I was looking for at my price point. Done and done. So you don’t live in the Chicago area, no problem she can help you look your best over the phone with an interview discussing what you are missing in your wardrobe or what you are really looking for and then, GET THIS,  packs up a trunk and sends it to you.  You have 5 days to try everything on. Keep what you want, return what you don’t or in my case, keep it all (insert happy face here)! There is a $25 styling fee that is applied toward anything you end up keeping.  AND did I mention that Trunk Club is a Nordstrom company so not only will you receive personalized expert service and convenience to look your best, you will even earn those awesome Nordstrom Rewards! I mean it doesn’t get better than that.

Elena choose these shoes for me and I love how they elongate my leg and make me feel so comfortable in white jeans.  Now that is magic!

It’s all in the details from lace sleeves, earrings and accessories to all those cult favorites!  And the best part is I am not running around searching for my must have items, Elena did it ALL for me!

I want to thank Trunk Club of Chicago for greeting me so warmly, for your hospitality (free drinks and excellent service)!  Elena! You are such a gem.  I love everything you choose for me from earrings, shoes, jeans (good grief who knew that could be so easy!) pants and tops. I cannot recommend Elena or this wonderful shopping service more.  So next time you are looking at your closet and thinking I have nothing to wear give this service a try.  I think you will love it as much as I did.

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Do you shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?


Well there is a whole lot of talk going on about the NSale. Some good some not so good. I understand that there are so many influencers out there and it can feel like a bombardment of pressure to shop. I also love a great deal and to that end this sale has been a tradition for myself and my daughter for many years now. We make a day of it, go early, shop and have lunch, go home try on and just have fun together. So yes, I love the Anniversary Sale.

I have noticed that different stores receive different or more merchandise than others! Come on Nordstrom not a fair playing field. There were so many things I saw online and in the catalogue that were not in my store (insert sad face). By the time I located them on the website which crashed, they were sold out. I sure hope they are restocked soon. Or else it just wasn’t meant to be.

If you shop the sale what was your experience this year? Good or bad, shopping tips and more, share share share!

These are a few of my finds this year. Let me know what you think!

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