Buon giorno!  Italy how I love you!  You were everything and more.  The breathtaking views, the food, the beach, the shopping! Oh y’all the shopping! I purchased this look including the scarf for under $30 in Positano at the cutest boutique that has locations around every corner! So here is Positano through my lens!

To visit Positano is like being immersed in a beautiful painting.  From the time I was a little girl and saw paintings at my great Aunt Ethel’s house I have wanted to explore Italy.  This is my second visit to Italy and my first to Positano!  I mean just look at this place.  The trip got started from Chicago, where my sister Lynn lives.  We took Alitalia straight to Rome.  We arrived early Saturday morning and the line to go through customs was about an hour and half long.  It’s hot so dress appropriately! After getting our luggage we met our driver for the 4 (or so we thought) hour drive to Positano. It ended up closer to 5 hours due to traffic.  Saturday may not be the best day to arrive in Italy.  Everyone is off and the narrow streets are very crowded! (You can also take a train from Rome to Naples and then a ferry to Positano but it can be iffy if the seas are rough).  As soon as we arrived I could just feel the tension melt away!  We stayed at Hotel L’Ancora on the main street coming in and out of Positano. The views were amazing! It has a great restaurant where breakfast is included.

After getting our room we immediately got ready to hit the beach, called Spiaggia Grande!  A word to the wise here, it is not a sand beach but a lava rock beach.  There is a public beach with no chairs and you lay right on the rock, umm no thanks! Right next to the public beach is the cutest beach with umbrellas and tables for drinks and snacks where you rent chairs for a crazy amount of euro which is what we did! #worthit  We actually fell asleep listening to the sea crash into the shore. Relaxation at its best.

Woke up pretty hungry and right on the beach there are so many options.  There is a little joint right before the stairs up to the church and we strolled over.  Cocktails with olives, chips and nuts (free with drink order). We ordered the most delicious slices of margherita pizza and I was feeling like the happiest girl in the world. Jet lag?  What jet lag, I’m in Italy!!!! (we ate here several times, easy no fuss) Can I just ask why why why are the olives here so good?  I admit to consuming lots of them every single day!

We then climbed up the mountain back to our hotel passing all the alleyways and shops along the way! (Do not wear anything but sensible shoes! Trust me on this.  After a fall it was  Birkenstocks constantly for me.)

This is the bar called Franco’s right next to our hotel.  It’s a great spot to watch the sunset and see the Positano hillside light up like the jewel it is! The poolside bar at Hotel Poseidon has great views to enjoy champs and cocktails too!

Our weather was not the best (rain rain rain) and hindered many of our plans  (got half way to Revello and the rains were just too much) but even so it was the first leg of a trip of lifetime.  I guess I will just have to go back!

A Few Faves:

Caffe Positano

Da Adolfo Restaurant Have your concierge make a reservation. You take a boat with the cutest red fish sign and arrive at the beach club.  Stay and enjoy the beach after lunch.

Collina Bakery Try not to go in, I dare you

Hotel Poseidon

Restorante Le Tre Sorelle

Next 2

There is so much more to share that I can’t fit it all in one post.  Send me any questions you may have.

Next week Capri!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by.

Arrivederci! XOXO


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