After a bumpy boat ride from Capri to Naples, we got in a taxi that took us to the Naples train station.  Once we figured out how to buy our tickets, we were off! We enjoyed a relaxing train ride into Rome. Traveling this way you do have to carry your own luggage and I have learned (the hard way) to pack much lighter next time! The streets of Rome were very crowded with Romans and tourists! After going to our hotel, which I will not mention due to a very bad experience, we dropped off our luggage and set out to enjoy every bit of Rome we could.  Since we had both been before, we decided to take some side streets and explore. We enjoyed a lovely lunch and on every corner we saw beautiful architecture and breathtaking beauty.  Rome is a city that is such a mix of old and new.  It is a true melting pot of people too! The high end stores are there as well as darling little mom and pop shops. After having a delicious and much bigger lunch than normal we decided to skip dinner and go see the Trevi Fountain at night!  Of course it began to pour, but just as we approached the fountain, the rain slowed down a bit and I have to say to see the fountain at night and in the rain was beyond magical. A couple got engaged and the entire crowd cheered. Just so much fun!  It was a fabulous way to end our Italian holiday.

I hope you enjoyed coming along. As always, thank you so much for stopping by.  Feel free to leave comments and questions.  It is such a treat to hear from you.





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